Our Impact Investing Model

Helping house and heal thousands of people in a diverse urban community.

The Haven Community is deeply committed to changing lives. At the Haven, we’re not just offering services to heal individuals and communities, but we’re also creating models to help heal society, which begins with a generous model of investing, enabling the unfortunate to benefit from the good fortune of others.

The Haven Community is structured as an Impact First investment model where investors can get a healthy return on investment while also enabling their investment to help house and heal thousands of people in a diverse urban community. Our breakthrough approach allows us to reduce the investor’s risk by offering a preferred return to the investor while allowing us to provide Subsidies to those in need. The graph below shows the various types of impact investing from philanthropy (no return to the investor) to Market investing where the investor receives full return but little to nothing is offered in the way of impact.

Two of our primary Subsidies go towards Health and Housing. The Health subsidy allows us to welcome anyone who’s interested in receiving healing services such as clinical therapy, yoga, meditation, and other modalities regardless of income. The Housing subsidy will be used for up to thirteen bedroom or apartment units per year for people seeking to stay housed in Oakland and who are seeking to heal and expand their consciousness by being part of the community and who could not otherwise afford these services.

Impact Investing

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