Haven Community

a place to Explore. Community. Consciousness.


A home for the soul, to live with presence,
awareness, and intention.


A place to create surrounded by beauty and inspiration.

Global Activism

A place to engage in the world,
to create the change you want to see.
The Haven Community

Co-Living &

The Haven Community is a consciousness-oriented community with a unique membership structure, deep commitment to creating community, integrated co-living and co-working opportunities, and with services accessible to the general public. Based in an iconic building, it sits in one of Oakland’s most exciting neighborhoods.
A place to work, to heal, to laugh, to celebrate, to be human, in the most beautiful sense.
The Haven Community Building

connection to
something greater

What if there was a club you could join where it was encouraged to explore the sacred?

Where we, the people, could freely explore our relationship to each other, to nature, and our place on this planet?

Where that voice, deep inside your soul that yearns for connection to something greater, could find a home?

every kind of beautiful

What if when you arrived, you met every kind of beautiful human that the world has to offer, but you had something in common with every single one—you were all willing to leave fear and anxiety behind in pursuit of the sacred, the magic of life, the kindness of the cosmos, that place where we all saw the best in each other. A home--for the soul.


new consciousness

What if this place wasn’t in some far-off mountain retreat or in the rainforests of the Amazon, but here, in your home, in Urban, USA, the birthplace of the new consciousness renaissance?

Welcome to the Haven Community; a place to explore community consciousness. Where we not only welcome the consciousness renaissance, but where we will help define it.

Offerings & Amenities
Sacred plants: tours, talks, elixir bar, immersion
Yoga, fitness, dance, meditation, music
Great lounge spaces for working or reflecting
Global activism and connectedness
Designated desks, offices, hot desk, or lounge seating
Speakers series,
special events

Founder’s Story

When I was very young, I only remember seeing beauty. Life was miraculous. The colors. The energy. Then my parents divorced. My mother struggled. Alcoholism, violence, abuse entered my life. At times, when things got too difficult, I asked the universe for help, and each time, the response was the same: “There is love”.


Each time, I felt deep gratitude and kept moving forward. I decided to dedicate my life to healing myself and the world around me. But first I needed to make sense of the world, and learn the tools of creating change. I studied biology and anthropology at UCLA to make sense of life on this planet. I lived with the Achuar of Ecuador to connect with deeper meaning and the sacred. I studied Environmental Science at Yale to understand the human impact on Earth’s ecosystems. But I also needed to learn the tools to create change.

My first career was as a community organizer with ACORN. I organized communities around social and environmental justice for seven years to learn community organizing. I also wanted to learn the tools of government, so I worked for a congressperson, and then became a chief of staff to a councilmember and ran political campaigns. Finally, I wanted to learn the tools and logic of business, so I became a businessperson, grew several companies to over 50 employees, and became a developer to learn how to create the built environment.

Today, I have the tools I need. From here forward, I dedicate the rest of my life to creating spaces and movements that honor the beauty of life. The Haven Communities will be centers where people can gather to pursue novel ways of approaching and honoring life--as individuals and as communities. It is a place for people who have come to understand that the current valueless models, which detach humans from each other and the planet, aren’t working, and where we can explore new ways of being—as individuals and community—toward living more lovingly on this planet for ourselves and future generations . I invite you to join me to create a Haven for those seeking the sacred in an otherwise tumultuous world.

Each time, I felt deep gratitude and kept moving forward."


To create co-living and co-working communities, with services accessible to the general public, that enable and enhance individual members’ ability to explore, heal, and expand their consciousness, while building connection to community.


Our vision is to become the premier creator of spaces and programming that support the human desire to explore and expand individual and collective consciousness enabling those who participate to engage in solving some of the world’s greatest challenges.



All life is sacred.

All humans deserve a dignified life.

A healed consciousness should be a human right.

The freedom to explore consciousness should be an individual’s choice.

The opportunity to expand consciousness, individually and communally, is a human need.

All humans should have access to opportunities to explore, to heal, and to enlighten their consciousness.

Visionary Partners

Pioneers of Consciousness Expansion & Human Evolution.